Fly Killers

When integrated with good hygiene and exclusion measures, fly killers can be a very effective means of controlling flying insects. It is important however that they are correctly installed for maximum effect and manufactured to a high standard. Cheap imported models tend to be ineffective and often difficult to clean and service.

  • Compact Fly Killer

    Compact but powerful fly killer, suitable for use in space restrited areas. Available with shatter proof UV tube option.

  • Sunburst Decorative Fly Trap

    The Sunburst fly trap is designed for front of house areas where fly control is ideally hidden from public view. An elegant contemporary design conceals the glue board and caught insects.Using a powerful 20 watt compact tube the Sunburst can be wall mounted or free standing and is ideal for...

  • Chameleon Vega

    The popular Chameleon Vega is a stylish , powerful and economical U.V. fly trap . An attractive front cover conceals the sticky board and trapped insects making it aesthetically suitable for eating establishments and areas in public view. Sticky pad capture technology avoids the unpleasant sight and smell of burning insects....

  • Titan 300 Fly Killer

    The Titan 300 electronic fly killer is our best seller. It is designed specifically for larger catering establishments and is ideal for use in kitchens and manufacturing facilities.Easy to clean and change the tubes the Titan 300 has 2 powerful 15 Watt uv tubes for impressive control of a wide range of flying...