Our Products

  • Fly Killers

    When integrated with good hygiene and exclusion measures, fly killers can be a very effective means of controlling flying insects. It is important however that they are correctly installed for maximum effect and manufactured to a high standard. Cheap imported models tend to be ineffective and often difficult to clean and service.

  • Fly Screens

    Fly screen windows and doors should be used as part of an integrated pest management system, central to which is good hygiene proceedures.Screens can provide 100% exclusion if fitted and used correctly. We are able to supply and install made to fit, high quality fly screens suitable for commercial and domestic use.

  • Other products

    A number of useful alternatives to fly screen doors are available which help to exclude insects from buildings. These include mesh strip curtains, PVC strip curtains and chain link doors.Cheaper in general but less effective and less durable than fully screened doors.They can however be a useful addition to an overall “barrier and control” system involving fly screens and fly killer units.