All about pests

Key to tackling any pest problem is first of all knowing the pest you are dealing with and understanding its habits, breeding cycle and behaviour. Correct identification can be difficult particularly with some insects and misidentification will usually result in ineffective treatment and control. At Pestsafe technicians are able from experience and training to quickly and confidently identify pest problems and advise on the most appropriate and cost effective method of control.

  • Rodents

    Rats and mice are a health risk and should not be tolerated in the home or work environment. Numbers can quickly increase and get out of control if not tackled early. Not only do they carry harmful diseases, they can also cause serious damage to buildings and electrical wiring.

  • Insects

    Flying insects are more than just a nuisance.Flies for example carry many diseases and contaminate food. Wasps of course sting and many moths and beetles contaminate and damage textiles and stored food products. Pestsafe has the expertise and proven products to eliminate unwelcome insect activity.

  • Birds

    Bird droppings can be a serious risk to health. Apart from looking and smelling unpleasant, droppings spread disease and cause costly damage buildings.Heavy fouling creates a slippery and dangerous work environment. With over 20 years experience Pestsafe and has the specialist knowledge and techniques to ensure effective and humane control of all bird pests.

  • Other pests

    Pestsafe is often called upon to deal with a wide variety of larger pests such as rabbits, foxes and squirrels. Exclusion through proofing is often the best and most humane method of tackling problems associated with these animals but if this is not practical then other methods of control can be used.