Environmental Policy Statement

At Pestsafe we recognise that taking responsibility for the impact our activities may have on the environment is an integral part of a successful and responsible business strategy. We will therefore take all reasonably practicable steps to prevent, minimise or render harmless the effect our activities and the products we use, have on the environment. We are committed to ensuring compliance with all existing U.K. legislation which relates to the safe use of pesticides and best practice in the pest control industry in general. In this respect we have used the Approved Code of Practice entitled “The safe use of pesticides for non-agricultural purposes C.O.S.H.H. Regulations 2002” to establish good practice in meeting the standards necessary for persons using non-agricultural pesticides.

  • We aim to prevent, or minimise the effects our activities and products have on the environment and operate in a way which protects people and the environment
  • We will strive to use products which have the minimum environmental impact during use and subsequent disposal
  • We will act swiftly to changes in relation to legislation on environmental issues and adapt to technical progress in pest control techniques and environmental matters;
  • We will minimise waste store and transport it safely and organise disposal through a recognised waste disposal scheme
  • Pestsafe is registered with the Environmental Agency as a lower tier waste carrier (Reg No CBDL9370)
  • We will control water usage and select for and use, biodegradable packaging and renewable (re-cyclable) resources where possible
  • We will train and educate employees in the relevant aspects of environmental best practices
  • We will seek expert guidance from other parties where in-house resources are considered inadequate and aim to improve performance in controlling environmental effects on a continuing basis.

A review of this policy document will be undertaken every three years or before, if circumstances demand it.The Owner of the business registered as Pestsafe is responsible for ensuring that all staff accept policy objectives and co-operate in their implementation. Everyone at Pestsafe has a responsibility to ensure that the objectives, as laid down in this policy document, are fulfilled.

Date 01/10/2015